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Frequently Asked Questions

When was The Divine Company founded?

The Divine Company was founded in February of 2013. The skincare was officially launched to the market in 2014.

Who develops the products for The Divine Company?

The Divine Company is made up of 6 passionate directors who are all engaged in formulation and product development.

Is The Divine Company 100% Australian owned and is the product made and manufactured in Australia?

The Divine Company is 100% Australian owned and our products are manufactured in Australia.

Are all of the ingredients in The Divine Company’s products sourced from Australia?

All of the ingredients that are used in The Divine Company’s products are only the highest and finest of quality, sourced from all around the world.

What are the charges for shipping and handling?

At The Divine Company we pride ourselves in every aspect of business operations. One of the biggest keys to success at The Divine Company is the efficient management of your order. We currently use Star Track Couriers for domestic orders and Australia Post for international orders to ensure that every customer order is trackable.

The Divine Company’s shipping charges are as follows:

All online orders that are delivered domestically within Australia are charged at a rate of $15.00 per order.

All online orders that are delivered domestically of $100.00 or more will not incur any freight charge.

All online orders that are delivered internationally will be calculated and added to your order upon checkout. This excludes customs duties or taxes. Customs duties or taxes will be additional fees charged by each individual country and are the responsibility of the customer.

Does The Divine Company ship anywhere in the world?

The Divine Company attempts to ship worldwide however we have recently been experiencing difficulties with Customs Regulations in Argentina, Bali, Brazil, Chile, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Venezuela, Vietnam and some Arab countries.

Is there a benefit in using Certified Organic products?

Here at The Divine Company we believe that there is a huge benefit in using Certified Organic Skincare Products. These days, more people are becoming conscious of the chemical matter in the products that we put on our skin on a day to day basis. Our 6 directors have all taken part in the formulation of our products and have ensured that they all contain the highest quality natural ingredients.

All of the products at The Divine Company do not contain any of the following: Sulfates, Parabens, Synthetic or Natural fragrances, Synthetic colours, T.E.A., D.E.A., Glycols, Silicones, PEGS. Ethoxylates, Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde derivatives.

What is the difference between Certified Organic and Organic?

These days the word “organic” has been exhausted – along with a large amount of misconception in association with this. When something is classified as “organic” it can still contain all of the chemicals mentioned above and the ingredients are left un-regulated.

A product that is “Certified Organic” has to abide by strict regulations and guidelines, as well as determining not only every single ingredient used in the product but also the procedures taken to produce one single product and the packaging that is used. There are strict guidelines that covers every area of delivering an approved Certified Organic product to the market.

For any further enquiries about Certified Organic Products head over to the ACO website.

Are The Divine Company’s products Certified Organic?

All of The Divine Company’s products are Certified Organic, and are certified by the ACO.

What is the most effective ingredient in The Divine Company’s Collections?

At The Divine Company we love Liquorice Extract! This is an amazing ingredient, which works as a natural anti-inflammatory. It reduces redness as well as evening out the skin tone and leaves the skin feeling clear and vibrant!

Is it true that all skin care has to contain some form of preservative?

Any product that is “cream based” must contain a preservative to be deemed safe. At The Divine Company, we use only the safest natural preservatives that are approved by the ACO. We are committed to making sure that only the finest and highest quality ingredients are used in the formulation of The Divine Company’s products. We are dedicated to researching and discovering new ingredients to formulate new products for the market of Certified Organic.

Why do your products have an expiration date?

By law, it is compulsory for all Skin Care products to have an expiration date as this warrants the product safe for use. All of the products at The Divine Company have a 2 year expiration from the date of manufacturing. Once opened, the product has a 6 month expiration when opened within the 2 year expiration period as long as the product is stored correctly. This means to store out of direct heat and sunlight and also ensuring the lid of the product is tight when not being used.

What happens if a product doesn’t contain a preservative?

Any product that is “cream based” that doesn’t contain a preservative is deemed unsafe for use.

Is there any such thing as an organic skin care line that contains 100% organic ingredients?

Only if it is an oil based product that contains only Certified Organic ingredients.

Where are your manufacturers based?

In Northern New South Wales, Australia.

What type of exfoliant particles are used in The Divine Company’s different Exfoliating Creams?

The Divine Woman Daily Radiance Exfoliating Cream contains dual size rice and bamboo granules and our Exfoliating Body Scrub contains Butter combined with Pumice and Walnut granules.

I have acne, which products should I use?

If your skin is typically acne-prone, we recommend:

The Divine Woman Purifying Series, containing the 3 most important products for a daily ritual – Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise.

We also recommend the Divine Woman Daily Radiance Exfoliating Cream as a mask to draw out oils that cause blemishes and blackheads.

If you are unsure about you skin type please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Representative at:

Please note: For more serious cases of acne we would recommend you consult with a Doctor or Dermatologist.

I have Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, which products should I use?

The Divine Company continues to receive testimonials from pleased customers who have previously suffered from Psoriasis, Eczema and Dermatitis. However for such skin conditions we would recommend you consult with a Doctor or Dermatologist.

What products are best for pregnant women and stretch marks?

At The Divine Company, our favourite product we recommend for pregnant women and stretch marks is the Mum’s Tummy & Body Oil in our Divine Baby Collection. It is 100% safe to use for mum’s to be, containing all Certified Ingredients.

Can The Divine Company’s products be used on babies and infants?

The Divine Company recommends our Divine Baby Collection for all infants and babies. All products are 100% safe to be used on their skin.

Do you have any products that will assist in childhood Eczema or skin problems?

We have a lot of fantastic testimonials come from our Divine Baby Collection for childhood Eczema. However, for such skin conditions we recommend consulting with your Doctor, Paediatrician or Dermatologist.

Do I need to Moisturise if I use a tinted moisturiser?

We recommend that our Divine Woman Illuminating Day Cream is used as a surface/primer under any tinted moisturiser or foundation that you may like to use on a daily basis.

What is the purpose of the Revitalising Eye Cream?

The Divine Woman’s Revitalising Eye Cream is an age defying cream that is rich in Vitamin A, Omega 3 fatty acids and Papaya Fruit Extract to gently refine the sensitive skin around the eyes. The Revitalising Eye Cream also brightens around the eyes as well as promotes collagen production to reduce fine lines and puffiness while the plant based nourishing oils gives the delicate eye area a youthful glow.

Should I refrigerate The Divine Company’s products?

If you are in a normal climate, there is no need for The Divine Company’s products to be refrigerated as long as they are stored in a cool, dry place and out of direct heat and sunlight.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

The Divine Company only uses environmentally friendly packaging. To become a supplier of certified organic products there are guidelines in relation to packaging that also have to be adhered to. The Divine Company adheres to all Certified Organic certification requirements including packaging.

Are your products tested on animals?

All of The Divine Company’s products are Certified Organic and made with 100% natural and plant derived ingredients. None of our single ingredients or products are tested on animals and we are cruelty free!

Do your products contain any animal components or by-products?

All of The Divine Company’s products are free from any components, apart from the Soothing Baby Balm and the Mum’s Nipple Balm in our Divine Baby Collection as these two products are a protection balm, so Beeswax is a necessary ingredient for these two products to help uphold their effectiveness.

Can I use The Divine Company’s products with other non certified organic products?

You can, but we do not recommend it. Products that are not Certified Organic contain all of the aforementioned chemicals and more. When using Certified Organic products, your skin and body will naturally want to rid itself of toxins. By putting additional chemicals on your skin at the same time as Certified Organic products, you will decrease the body’s ability to rid toxins. The Divine Company’s products have been formulated to work with each other in a layering effect, so by mixing Certified and non Certified Organic products you will reduce the result.

How can I pay for The Divine Company’s products:

You can place your Divine Company order through our Online Shop. We accept Visa, Mastercard or you can pay via PayPal if you have a PayPal account.

Why was The Divine Company created?

Our 6 director’s at The Divine Company are very passionate when it comes to health. They wanted to create something within the Health & Beauty Industry that could replace the chemicals within everyday personal and skin care products, with Certified Organic ingredients. The formulations of our products were passionately created with the unique input from each and every director.

The Divine Company has always been about wellness and authenticity, the inspiration is to ensure consumers have access to high quality, highly regulated Certified Organic skin care and personal care products. We take this approach to all that we do and know that the secret to an enriching and beautiful life is to work as closely as possible with our natural environment.

What makes The Divine Company’s products different to any other Certified Organic product?

At The Divine Company, we define our products as different to any other Certified Organic product on the market because our products are 100% natural and are all made with plant derived ingredients. We also pride ourselves in using our unique Key Active Ingredients in our Divine Woman collection – Squalane, Native Australian Kakadu Plum, Mountain Pepper Berry, Carrot Tissue Oil, Seabuckthorn Oil and Liquorice Extract just to name a few.

What is The Divine Company’s mission?

In our values we are committed to sustainability and supporting our Australian industries. Our products proudly support the future of our bodies, our farmers, our earth, and provides hope for humanity – both current and future.

“We the Divine team are unified by being passionate, happy, kind and respectful human beings committed to transforming the world!”

Does any of The Divine Company’s packaging contain Bisphenol and BPA?

No packaging within The Divine Company’s collections contain Bisphenol and BPA. The Divine Company’s packaging is made from food grade plastics and is either PP or PET – highly recyclable plastic. Our packaging also has to be ACO certified.

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