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When choosing skincare for your family, particularly babies and children there is usually a few things you are looking for
  We get this question a lot "do I really need to use a toner?". If you are already using
organic face cream
What is the difference between day cream and night cream? Should you be using a different one from day to
Our Organic skincare Sleepy Time Essentials pack includes - Head to Toe Bath Wash, Soothing Baby Balm and Soothing Baby
onefinesecret insta
We have so many amazing partners who stock our Divine collections all over the world! We wanted to introduce a
Have you tried our Divine Woman Miracle Oil Serum? What is a serum? This beautiful serum truly is a Miracle
double cleanse
Have you heard of double cleansing? Double cleansing is exactly how it sounds...cleansing twice! There is evidence that double cleansing
orly nail polish
We love working with other brands who are making safer options in cosmetics and skincare! When we were approached about
  When we were given the chance to work with Julisa Beauty we jumped at the offer! This local Australian
Winner Eye Cream
  We are so excited that our Divine Woman Revitalising Eye Cream has been awarded 2018 Nature and Health Natural
Republica Organic
We sat down with the amazing Jacqueline Arias the Founder and Director of Republica Organic, her passion and advocacy for
Mayde Tea with Kate Dalton
We had the opportunity to sit down and chat to the amazing Kate Dalton, the Founder of Mayde Tea. Kate
Importance of Exfoliating_Rice Particles
We talk a lot about skin care and why it's important to cover your basics which includes Cleansing, Toning and
Your skin care routine often becomes an everyday ritual, so it is important to get it right! The basis of
Mother's Day - Fun with mum
Mother's Day is a day where we stop and celebrate our mums for everything they have done for us! We say thank-you
Earth Day Microbeads_walnut
In honour of Earth Day we want to look into the use of mircobeads in personal and beauty products and
repair and renew
  Having a good skincare routine is essential to get that glow that everyone wants! It is easy to get
Divine Destination - The Pass
Byron Bay is one of our local hot spots, we love exploring new shops and hot spots. Here are a
Nurture and Protect: Post Summer Guide
Nourish and protect your skin! Those long days of Summer can leave your skin in need of a little nurturing
Chief Editor Helen Sanders at Health Ambition has kindheartedly provided us some amazing tips on making a few little changes to
Importance of touch
"Touch comes before sight, before speech, it is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth"
The Divine Company - Kathryn Chandler Blog 4 (1)
"To educate, inspire and encourage woman to be the best version of themselves possible and support them on their own
International Women's Day with The Divine Company
As we celebrate International Women's Day this Wednesday 8th March we decided to sit down with some of the men
the divine company - feature image autumn blog
As we all know, the cooler months are upon us. As we step from Summer into Autumn looking after your
skin and collagen blog - the divine company
It's surprising how many misconceptions come to mind when you hear the word Collagen. Botox, injection, silicon - the list goes
the divine company - rose blog post 1
February is the month that holds the day of romance, that special day of the year where people buy their
Divine Company Certified Organic LIP BALM
2017 brings a new change to the Organic industry, The Divine Company has a new look and products to kick
This funny word is pronounced [hoh-hoh-buh] This year it is all about Jojoba Oil! This is a beautiful golden liquid wax that
Divine Blog Health &Happiness in 2017
It's not just about what you put on your body here at The Divine Company! It is also what you
My name is Mandy and I'm a Divine Woman. I express myself through my fashion, which is the things that
the divine company - blog post
My name is Jade and I am a Divine Woman. I grew up in a very small town, where the
organic skincare
Divine Woman - Age Defying Organic Skin Care Divine Woman celebrates the journey of women and who they have evolved
Divine Woman
The Divine Company observes today's woman as different - her daily ritual, the ways in which she cares for herself, the products she uses
the divine company - Divine- intelligence blog post
My name is Candice and I'm a Divine Woman. Everyone has been put on this earth to do something purposeful,
Antibacterial Soaps Out - Certified Organic In! More and more people are questioning what is going into the products they use,
Massage is one of the most beautiful experiences your baby can enjoy which helps stimulate health, growth and development. Infant massage
Beth from Modern Mother Blog lets us into her family life and the multitasking skincare routine that works for the
the divine company - blog post (1)
My name is Kate and I'm a Divine Woman Being is business owner is so rewarding but so busy -
Jessica Sepel is a woman of many talents! A Wellness Coach, Health Blogger and Nutritionist, Jess has a lot going
Kakadu Tiny Tots is an Australian company which creates authentic Aboriginal clothing for little ones. All designs are handcrafted in
autumn baby blog post
  Autumn is the time of year when you need to nurture yourself and your family through the cooler months.
Lola Berry is the goddess of nutrition who has published 6 cookbooks, is a self confessed yoga addict and an all round
the love doctor post - the divine company
In case you hadn't realised, The Divine Company is fixated on love this February. But if you're not one half
the divine company - divine inspiration love blog post
This month at The Divine Company we are celebrating Love! Love can mean so many things, whether it's romantic love,
the divine company - love yourself unconditionally
To start a conversation about LOVE we would like to introduce Clinical Psychologist Jessica McCallum from , she has
Pop on over to Piper Sienna to read a beautiful and educational blog that reviews our Divine Baby Collection. There is
With the new year comes the inaugural opportunity to reflect on how our lives are tracking compared to our wildest
the divine company - calming nursery ideas blog post
Creating a nursery for your newborn is an exciting time! It is hard to know where to start and how
the divine company - honestly raw blog post
Raw. That word can freak a lot of people out due to the overwhelmingly healthy energy around the movement. But theres
the divine company - ethical junkie blog post
Mary Evans is a woman doing business with heart. Formerly the owner of a successful chain of fast fashion boutiques, she
When one becomes aware of the synthetic chemicals that are present inside of conventional beauty products the first question that
the divine company - the minimalist vegan blog post
When Michaeal first shared about introducing minimalism to their lives, Masha reacted with, “Are you crazy? I’m not going to
the divine company - in good company blog post
That feeling the day or two before you're going on a beautiful holiday. When you're just bursting for something to
he divine company - rawfit chitchat blog post
The Capoeira loop that beats powerfully on the Rawfit website is a testimony to who Ricardo Riskalla is. Strong, Brazilian,
the divine company - detox why- blog post
“Two of the fastest ways a woman will detox is through pregnancy and breastfeeding.” - Pfr Marc Cohen, RMIT University,
the divine company - petalplum blog post
A mumma, a creative, a lifestyle revolutionist, a social media entrepreneur. We’re incredibly excited to share an insight into the
the divine company - tom cronin blog post
Isn’t it true that the beautiful feminine needs to be balanced by the true masculine? Leading up to Fathers Day,
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