A Nail Polish Alternative You Will Love – Orly Breathable! | The Divine Company

orly nail polish

We love working with other brands who are making safer options in cosmetics and skincare!

When we were approached about Orly breathable Nail polish we wanted to know a little more about why they are different to the regular Nail Polish you can find in most beauty suppliers. Unlike other nail polishes on the market Orly Breathable is free from 13 nasty chemicals which makes it a safer option than most. This nail polish is free from formaldehyde, triphenyl phospate, parabens and animal derived ingredients, among others, meaning that although not organic, this nail polish is a much safer option for you.

Along with being 13 FREE, Orly Breathable is also a nail treatment which includes ingredients like Argan Oil, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C to treat your nails while keeping them looking beautiful!

we are lucky enough to be offering  a free Orly Breathable Nail Polish, valued at $22.95,  with online orders over $50! We only have a limited number available, so get in quick!


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