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We have so many amazing partners who stock our Divine collections all over the world! We wanted to introduce a new one of our Divine partners each month so that we can celebrate our amazing stockists!

This month we are highlighting the amazing One Fine Secret in Melbourne. This amazing store is a carefully curated collection of natural beauty and we are so honoured to have Divine as part of their beautiful collection.

One Fine Secret

We love the philosophy which Kayla and John of One Fine Secret stand by:

“Here you’ll find ingredients lovingly grown under pristine conditions to deliver your skin the richest nutrients and potent bioactives.
The result? Effective, sensual and uplifting beauty products that enhance your natural glow inside and out.
Exquisite, exceptionally-performing beauty and body products should not need to compromise. And in our secret haven they don’t.
One Fine Secret was born from a desire to challenge beauty norms. To set higher standards for the beauty industry for the good of our health and the planet.”

We had the pleasure of asking kayla some questions about One Fine Secret about her journey to natural and organic beauty!


Your store, One Fine Secret, is such a beautiful space! When did you start One Fine Secret?

Thanks lovely, our guests love how our space feels like a calming and welcoming haven in the heart of the city. Our curated clean beauty store offers a selection of leading organic and natural skincare, makeup and body brands from around the world. We also love inspiring our community with regular natural beauty and holistic wellness events. We launched One Fine Secret’s brick-and-mortar store in the Melbourne CBD together with our online store in October 2018. We love the performance, quality ingredients and ethos of the Divine Woman skincare collection and couldn’t resist having it part of our opening line-up.

What sparked your passion for natural and organic beauty and skincare?

You wouldn’t believe it, but my exciting little adventure into clean beauty kicked off because of one of your Founders, Therese Kerr! I attended a women’s wellness event a few years back where one of the speakers happened to be Therese. She really is an inspirational educator, speaker and wealth of knowledge. It was the first time I was confronted with the concept that our mainstream beauty and personal care products were often littered with ingredients that were far less than ideal for our bodies. I was absolutely shocked, and was left inspired to dig deeper. I began switching out my own beauty and lifestyle products and became quite the label nerd. I had no idea that I’d eventually be helping others do the same and dedicating all my energy and passion to the clean beauty industry, it’s been such an amazing journey!

 What do you find is the thing most customers ask for when they are looking for organic skincare in your store?

Our guests are often looking for products to soothe their highly sensitive and reactive skin. This could be due to a variety of reasons such as their natural skin tendencies, internal health imbalances or particular beauty treatments and products they’ve experienced that have triggered sensitive conditions.

What is the biggest change you have noticed in the beauty industry since you started your business?

There’s been a noticeable shift towards mindful beauty and conscious consuming. You can see big traditional beauty retailers gradually adding more natural brands to their mix as they realise that consumers are now more aware and savvy than ever. We’ve noticed that in addition to healthy natural ingredients, the beauty community has become more focussed on sustainability and vegan, cruelty-free beauty. With all the marketing buzz flying around in the natural beauty space, it can be quite a complex field to navigate and cut through the greenwashing. That’s exactly why we’re here to help you select truly healthy and ethical products that work beautifully for you.

What is your favourite product from our Divine Woman collection?

The Miracle Oil Serum! It’s such a luscious and nourishing blend that’s perfect for creating a beautiful youthful glow. With chia seed oil, seabuckthorn oil, squalane and apricot kernel seed oil, it’s filled with powerful reparative vitamins and essential fatty acids. Great for layering under your moisturiser for an added hydration boost during the harsh Winter months too!


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