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What is the difference between day cream and night cream? Should you be using a different one from day to night?

We get this question a lot: “Can I just use the same moisturiser for day time and night time? ” While it is completely fine to do this, there are some big benefits to switching between a day cream and a night cream!


A good day cream like our Certified Organic Divine Woman Illuminating Day Cream is normally formulated with ingredients to combat skin concerns during the day. One of the main things a day cream should do is protect your skin against pollution and the elements. So what ingredients should you look for in a Day Cream? Anything that creates a barrier to protect your skin against the elements, like Squalane, which you can find in our Divine Woman Illuminating Day Cream. This amazing ingredient derived from olives to mirror the skin’s natural sebum, creates a barrier between the skin and the external environment helping to penetrate deep into the epidermis for hydration, softness and protection.

The other major thing that differs between a day cream and night cream is the texture and thickness of the moisturiser. A day cream needs to be light enough to sit underneath makeup and sunscreen.

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While you’re sleeping your skin does its hardest work! Night time is when your skin regenerates and repairs itself, so normally a night cream has more active ingredients than a day cream. Like our Divine Woman Collagen Enhancing Night Cream, a night cream should be packed with anti-ageing ingredients to really help your skin regenerate while you are sleeping. Look for ingredients which promote cellular renewal and collagen production. You will find Phycojuvenine G in our Collagen Enhancing Night Cream, a concentrated seaweed extract that increases the rate of cellular renewal by stimulating the stem cells in the dermis. Phycojuvenine G restores ageing stem cells, rejuvenating their ability to produce higher quality dermis and epidermis to smooth wrinkles across the surface of the skin. This restores cellular renewal to an optimum 21-day cycle.

Most night creams are a much richer, thicker texture compared to Day Creams too, as they don’t need to accomodate for makeup or sunscreen being layered over the top.

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Although you can use the same moisturiser for day and night, it is always beneficial to use a cream specifically formulated for each. Once you do start incorporating the two different moisturisers into your routine you will notice the difference in your skin!

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