Should You Be Using A Toner? | The Divine Company


We get this question a lot “do I really need to use a toner?”. If you are already using one you will know the difference it not only makes to your skin, but also the difference it makes to how you use the other products in your skincare routine. So what does a face toner really do and what is the best toner for your skin?

There is a long standing assumption that a toner will strip the skin of natural oils and moisture and only needs to be used on oily skin, this is not the case! In fact there are many hydrating toners, like our Divine Woman Soothing Rose Toner, which not only balance the PH levels of your skin, but also leave skin soft and hydrated. You don’t need to wipe off the Soothing Rose Toner, let it soak into your skin!

One of the other great things about adding a toner to your skincare routine is the way it affects your other products. A toner will prepare your skin increasing the absorption properties of your serum and moisturiser, this means you should be able to use less of these other products, helping them to last longer.

So how are is the Soothing Rose Toner different to others that may strip your skin of moisture or irritate sensitive skin? It’s all about the Certified Organic and natural ingredients.

Rose Flower Water
Steamed organic rose petals reduced to a potent hydrosol that deeply hydrates and soothes the skin, with naturally astringent properties to tonify the surface layers. This beautiful organic ingredient inhibits water loss, soothes and heals the skin.

Cucumber Fruit Extract
Containing a high mineral content, Cucumber Fruit Extract is rich in amino acids that cool the skin with high anti-inflammatory properties.

Rooibos Extract
Rich in anti-oxidants and wrinkle fighting properties, Rooibos Extract is a natural hypoallergenic suitable for all skin types.

Lavender Essential Oils
Naturally calming for the skins surface and suitable to combat skin sensitivities, Lavender Essential Oil holds a therapeutic scent profile that promotes total wellbeing.

Make an organic toner part of your everyday skincare routine, make sure you choose something with hight quality and natural ingredients that won’t strip and irritate your skin.  We recommend spritzing toner after cleansing with either the Hydrating Cream Cleanser or the Daily Renewal Lactic Gel Cleanser to re-balance the PH levels of the skin. Also use in preparation for application of the Illuminating Day Cream for a dewy, hydrating experience that increases the absorption properties of the Day Cream. Spritz after cleansing and before application of the Collagen Enhancing Night Cream for deep rejuvenation.

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