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When choosing skincare for your family, particularly babies and children there is usually a few things you are looking for and at the top of the list is what is in it! The other important thing most parents want from their babies skincare products if effectiveness, do they actually work?


We were lucky enough to win the Wellbeing Award for our Certified Organic Soothing Baby Balm and since then we have had so much amazing feedback about this beautiful balm from parents who have used it on their little ones. So what is the secret to this Miracle balm? It’s all in the ingredients! The Divine Baby Soothing Baby Balm is made with highly effective Certified Organic ingredients which is why it works so well in soothing skin conditions like Eczema. These ingredients includeSweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Rosemary and Avocado and pure essential oils of Chamomile and Lavender.



Last year a Mum reached out to us to let us know her experience using the Soothing Baby Balm on her little one:


“Hi, just wanted to provide some feedback about your product. My daughter Elsie was diagnosed in February with Eczema at 7 weeks old. Even though the doctor reassured us that she was not in any pain from the condition, It was heartbreaking to see my little girl with red raw skin which was inflamed, dry and flaking. They suggested moisturiser or coconut oil. I went to our local organic shop as I didn’t want to put anything to harsh or plastic base on my baby’s face. I saw Divine baby balm, I looked at the ingredients and did a quick search on Instagram. I saw little baby Winter’s rash and story on your profile which encouraged me to purchased one bottle of the balm and we have not looked back. Within days of using the balm Elsie’s skin improved. I can now say that her skin is as smooth as a baby’s bottom ? We have just brought a second bottle along with the wash and moisturiser. I hope this helps other new Mum’s!” ?
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Our entire Divine Baby and Divine Woman collections are ACO and Cosmos Certified Organic, 100% naturals and Australian made.


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