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I am very impressed with the Divine skin care range. The products are all stylishly packaged and look amazing in my bathroom.
My skin is feeling wonderful after using Divine skin care range for the past two weeks. Thanks to the team for great customer service. I highly recommend the Divine range of products.


Email - 21st November 2017

I started using the hand lotion on my post-menopausal skin and I couldn’t believe what a difference it made in only a week. My hands were looking so old and dry but after only about 5 applications I could tell the difference.  The dry loose skin on my fingers noticeably improved and the backs of my hands are rejuvenated beyond what I thought possible at 60.

The awesome part was that I thought to try it on my feet as a moisturiser.  I have suffered with cracked heels and dry skin for years.  I had tried everything from heel balms to soaking and wrapping in plastic, sleeping with socks on trying to create moisture.  At times I haven¹t been able to walk because of my cracked feet.  Sandals for the summer were not an option but after using the hand lotion on my feet I can now say goodbye to cracked heels and even went for a pedicure and bought some new summer sandals today.  I am over the moon!


Email - 14th November 2017

I would just like to say how much I love the divine products.
I have spoiled myself and bought a little more than usual and I can’t thank all the team at the divine company enough for their kind, friendly, fast service and the beautiful natural products you are providing. I have embarked on a health and wellness journey over the past 12 months after seeing Therese at business chicks in Melbourne and my body and mind has never looked and felt better.


Email - 19th October 2017

Just a quick email to let you know I love your products and use them daily!
I am 47 and have never really used any products religiously…but knowing yours are free of all the nasties makes me comfortable to use them as often as I like.
My skin also feels and looks beautiful and soft! I also have had no reaction from the first day I used the products.


Email - 4th July 2017

I started using the products last night… such a beautifully delicious feeling!


Email - 30th June 2017

The Miracle Oil Serum is just beautiful with a nice citrus smell.  It makes my face feel soft giving it a healthy glow.  It makes the day and night cream glide over the skin easier.


Email - 28th June 2017

I do love the Miracle Oil Serum!  It feels luxurious and makes my skin glow.


Email - 27th June 2017

I purchased a Cosmetic Clutch & Miniature Series Pack for my wife as a surprise & she absolutely loved it; your team were even kind enough to throw in a small bonus in to the box as well, which was very much appreciated.
I give you & your team 10/10 on customer service, Emma.
Well done & thank you.


Email - 8th June 2017

I took advantage of an offer and ordered the illuminating day cream and the lactic cleanser. I’d been using the day cream since December and had tried the other products in sample size. I’ve been using all 3 products consistently since the 2nd May and my skin feels amazing. And after trying the perfecting  mask sample you sent with my order my skin is next level. I’m moving house at the moment and as soon as I’ve gotten over the financial shock of moving I will be investing in the perfecting mask.

These products are amazing and definitely the best I used in my 49 years. Thank you so much to the Divine team for creating them.


Email - 14th May 2017

Thanks so much for the beautiful products, I absolutely love them. The moisturiser not only smells heavenly but leaves my skin feeling super soft and special. The body scrub is delish and the bronzer is probably the best one I have ever used. You have a return customer in me for sure. Knowing that it’s all certified organic makes it even more beautiful than it already is. 


Email - 27th April 2017

Thank you very much for the constant updates, it’s a pleasure dealing with you & The Divine Company. I started using the products after I attended one of Therese’s wellness talks here in Nowra. I’m absolutely loving the products (especially the bronzer & deodorant) & the piece of mind it gives me knowing I’m making better choices for my health. Regardless of the outcome your products & the information I’ve learnt make me feel as if I’ve done my part & it will be in the hands of the universe.


Email - 6th April 2017

Every package feels so personal with hand written notes, sometimes samples and great specials. I recommend their entire range to everyone! Thank you Divine

Zara Churchill

Facebook Review - 1st February 2017

I received the 3 step hydrating skin system as a gift from my fiancé for Christmas. It exceeded my expectations. 1 month in and breakouts around my chin area have subsided and fine lines diminished. My makeup goes on easier and stays on longer. Will continue to use these products!

Lisa Marie

Facebook Review - 15th January 2017

Ordered online on Sunday, delivery details confirmed by phone on Monday, beautiful package waiting for me after work on Tuesday! Thanks to Hannah and the team for your great work in getting such beautiful products to me so efficiently ? have a lovely Christmas!

Julie Blythe

Facebook Post - 20th December 2016

My order arrived today.  Can I say that I was absolutely blown away with the care and personalisation that was invested in packaging my goods.

The presentation was second to none, and the little personal touches really are a stand out and credit to The Divine Company in a day and age where customer service seems to be almost obsolete.

Thank you for the lovely sample and marketing material, including your hand written note and for your investment in making mine a happy day indeed.  Oh and most of all, thank you for spelling my name correctly, it’s the little things like attention to detail that are truly appreciated.

Michèle Brett

Emailed - 13 December 2016

After just 2 days of using the Baby Balm and lotion my daughters skin is looking better then it ever has!
2 days using the balm and lotion (plus the body wash)  and her eczema is almost gone!! And the best part is she’s so much happier as she is not constantly itchy!

Steph Jarvis

Emailed - 28 October 2016

I received my order today of baby products.  Thank-you so much for such fast postage.  I just wanted to say how incredible impressed i am by the gentle ingredients you use!

My daughter suffers from eczema and I’ve just put some of the baby balm on her and the eczema has actually settled within minutes.

Ive always worried about the chemicals that I’m putting on my daughters skin and in her hair and I’m forever trying to find gentler products!  So glad I don’t have to look anymore….just wished I had found Divine a little sooner.

I was just googling “best baby products”  and thats how I found you guys!

Thanks again xx

Stephanie Plomaritis

Emailed - 26th October 2016

I love the quality, packaging, smell and feel plus the service has been extraordinarily swift and without fault.

My life changed really dramatically after i witnessed Therese’s educative workshop. Taking in her valuable information has impacted everything I buy now in a GREAT way.

Suellen Edwards

Emailed - 7th October 2016

The most amazing postage service I’ve ever encountered – delivered to the other side of the country in less than 24 hours. Amazing, thank you!

Kylie Mead

Facebook Review - 24th June 2016

Amazing quality and conscious product development.

Monica Mar

Facebook Review - 11th April 2016

I want to reach out and let divine company know how amazing my skin is looking after using divine for only 2 weeks!

My complexion is appealing brighter and smoother. I can’t wait to see what it’s going to do in the near future!

I love how it doesn’t have any bad toxins, and I love of course how it’s cruelty free.

It works wonders, well done Divine.


My skin feels amazing ! I have not had any reaction / irritation due to using the products . I am usually eczema prone and have dry skin and it is settling down . In fact at night time when I wash my face .. it is actually still quite moisturized and not even dry even though I work in air conditioning. I had a touch too much sun on the weekend and I went to sleep with the mask on and it calmed my skin down over night. I am so glad I have switched to this range of skin products and know it is all safe and free from chemicals. Thank you Therese and the Divine Team !

Allison - Email 7th March 2018

I am gobsmacked.

Can’t wait to see you stateside and you are absolutely on point with every word you share. for anyone reading this, I met Therese at one of the lowest points-in my life, suffering from 6 auto-immune conditions and with hearing her speak the first time and all the information gained from that one talk…my life forever changed…and by going to one of her events…it literally will change your life too…and quite possibly save the life of a loved one or even your own! Especially important if you are a new mom or a mom to be to hear this vital information!

Irene USA

Hi Therese I’ve seen you speak twice now..your passion is infectious and I want you to know, that because of you we have swapped out all our personal care products for 100% chemical free..We use our essential oils for most as we love DIY, we have used your products too and find them amazing…Since seeing you that very first time almost 2 years ago now, our lives have changed for the better.. Thank you for raising our awareness, it’s so empowering.. Please come back to The Shoal haven soon!


I’d never used a skin care range, and had certainly never used a ‘Toner’ before (was a wash-my-face-with-body-wash kinda girl lol)!But…..I’ve been using the Divine Woman Divine skin care range for the past 7 months, and love it xx I’ve been told I’m looking 10 years younger!?!? Not sure about that bit though!

Lindy Callaghan - Email April 2018

“Absolutely loved the event last night. Thank you so much for providing that platform beautiful. My whole world has shifted. I’ve been looking at everything around me with new eyes today. Xxx ❤️”

Erin Evans - Email March 29018

What amazing products! I met Therese at The Secrets in the Garden event and bought my first products.
I¹ve religiously used them as instructed and I¹m already seeing the awesome results. I¹ve got broken capillaries on my cheeks and have noticed them diminishing. Wow!
I¹ve been applying the Lactic Gel Cleanser and leaving it on as a mask. Love, love, love it! – Kirsty


I wanted to take the time to let you know just how wonderful the Lactic Gel Cleanser is on my skin. This is my 3rd bottle now and I immediately noticed just how much it does when I stopped using it for about 2 months. My skin suddenly lacked lustre and I started breaking out. Now that I am using it again, within a month my skin has repaired itself. It cleared up the acne immediately and helps to add an even skin tone that no other cleanser can do. I love the smell of this and it feels like putting luxury on my face. It is extremely good at also taking off makeup. So thank you so much for this wonderful product. My skin looks vibrant when I use this!!


I’m Converted! After Treating myself to a full new skincare routine I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my skin. I particularly love the way the products don’t sting or dry out my sensitive skin like other brands I’ve tried. I even find myself going makeup free because of how happy I am with my skin! My favourite products would be the Miracle Oil Serum applied before the Collagen Enhancing Night Cream.


I notice the difference in my skin when we I ran out of Renewal Lactic Gel, it was looking dull and getting blemishes. My order arrived a couple of weeks ago and now my skin is looking and feeling good again!


Absolute best cleanser I have used. So easy to remove make up while keeping your skin hydrated. Even better in combination with the rose toner and hydrating day cream. My skin has improved significantly since I started using these products, would highly recommend!


I love, love this oil! It was recommended to me by a friend and I have now recommended it to all of my girlfriends (who love it just as much). I use it day and night and find it so soothing and hydrating. I also love that it sits well under makeup and doesn’t make me feel greasy. I’m so happy I found the Divine Company!


This product goes on beautifully and leaves my skin feeling amazing.
In the two weeks I have been using the Divine skin range I have noticed an amazing difference, my skin is so much softer and brighter.


This mask complete revitalises, hydrates and brightens my skin while also cleansing the pores and lightening my freckles. The ultimate multitasker that I can’t live without. Doesn’t upset my ultra sensitive skin either.


This is the best Mask I have ever used. As an ex – beautician I have used many over the years and for the first time ever I can truly say this is the first product that actually gives results! My skin feels and looks hydrated, soft and brighter!


The best exfoliating cream! I use this 3 times per week and love it. I suffer from eczema and this is the first brand that hasn’t made my skin worse. Feels great on my sensitive skin and makes it feel so clean. I also use other products from the Divine range.


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