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My name is Kate and I’m a Divine Woman

Being is business owner is so rewarding but so busy – I’m always too busy although I am mindful of taking time out for me. Using natural resources is rewarding as well – holistic health has always interested me.

I think this is the reason why I love the Divine Collections – all Natural, plant derived and Certified Organic!

The human body is the most beautiful thing – beauty is something more than what’s visually appealing. It’s the layers of energy, personality, experience and life.

Core qualities are an important thing, especially when it comes to compassion, it breathes beauty. Trust is an important quality – and respect. I always respect other people’s differences.

It’s truly admiring when a woman doubtlessly loves herself and when she is true to herself.

 the divine company - kate dalton - blog post

My name is Kellie-Anne.

I’m confident when I say – I know who I am. I surround myself with those who have inner beauty. To me inner beauty is authentic beauty.

I work with special needs children and each and every day they give me purpose. I get this amazing feeling inside – and that’s knowing that I’m doing the right thing by not only them, but myself.

The beauty about life is that we will never know anything, nor should we. The key is constant learning. Meditating to me is an important thing, it’s how I stay grounded and centered amongst my life.

I feel most beautiful when I’m treating my body and spirit. My body deserves the most pure and natural products – that’s why I love the Divine range, it ticks all the boxes for me.

My view on creativity is any expression of self, I see a character in itself as creativity.

I think it is so important to have a strong sense of self so I really admire women who acquire that, as well as passion and drive – those values alone can bring out one’s beauty.

the divine company - kellie anne - blog post

Image Credit: Our Photographer, Nick Dale.



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