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Beth from Modern Mother Blog lets us into her family life and the multitasking skincare routine that works for the whole family!


Growing up on the west coast where the summers are looong and hot, hot, hot I learnt from an early age to look after my skin. My over protective, fair skinned, Irish grandmother made sure of it! Both my sister and I had it drilled into us every summer, the importance of protecting ourselves. It’s something that now, as I look back at my youth, I finally understand and am thankful for, especially now that I have children of my own.

My skincare routine is extremely simple and I’m very particular with what I put on my face. I always read the ingredient listings and keep my eye out for organic, or as close to as I can find. Which is why I love Divine. The Divine Company are an Australian certified organic beauty and personal care company, dedicated to delivering beauty and personal care products as pure as nature intended. I was introduced to The Divine Company range a while back and I’m now a full blown fan of this amazing company, their range, and ethos behind beauty and wellness. In my bathroom cabinet you’ll find pretty much their entire range from deodorants (for me and the hubby, they have a men’s range too!), moisturisers, washes and tooth moose but the one product that I use everyday is their Mum’s tummy and body oil.

Made from certified organic hempseed, coconut and sunflower seed oil and blended with pure essential oils like sandalwood, rosehip and lavender this nutrient dense tummy and body oil is rich in collagen and vitamin E. I used it everyday on my tummy while I was pregnant with Marley and my skin was always perfectly soft, smooth and thanks to this luxurious oil, stretch mark free! Now after pregnancy I use it everyday on my face to keep it glowing, nourished and protected from the elements.

Lulu is just as addicted as I am and loves copying me in the bathroom when I’m performing my routine. She’s at a great age to start educating, like my grandmother did me, about the importance of investing in quality products. She applies the tummy oil to her face daily and it’s been great at keeping her dry elbows protected this winter. Marley also benefits from this rich oil in the form of baby massage! Perfect after a nice long soak in the tub with their baby bath wash to relax and calm her for bedtime.

I love that 1’ve found one product that has multiple uses for the entire family. One pump of tummy oil goes a long way, smells amazing and is as close to nature as possible. There are a lot of products on the market that claim to be organic, make sure you look out for the certification. If it doesn’t have it, it isn’t 100% organic!

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