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My name is Candice and I’m a Divine Woman.

Everyone has been put on this earth to do something purposeful, so my purpose is cancer research. I work with women who are intelligent, and not only do they inspire me every day, they make time for themselves and others which I believe is a really important value to hold. The time that I make for myself is really important – it always involves being surrounded by the people that I love the most.

Looks aren’t always everything, to me intelligence is attractive. There is book smart and there is also practical intelligence.

Core qualities in other people are really important to me especially when it come to kindness, adversity, openness and honesty. I’ve always lived by the rule – ‘Don’t be afraid to show people who you really are’.

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My name is Carly.

Creativity is me expressing myself for mothers and children and allowing my creativity to flow, this is how I channel my energy and gets me in the creative zone.

I feel real beauty when I’m in the sun with salty skin and no make-up. The base is what’s important to me in my beauty regime – I’m all about looking after my skin. I can do that with the Divine Collections because I know I’m looking after it without compromise.

The quality I really admire in women is confidence – it’s truly beautiful.

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My name is Cassandra.

I’ve always had an appreciation for the law and how we work as a society. That’s why I was inspired to study the field of law. Being a lawyer creates independence and drives me to provide for my family and I, giving me confidence and accomplishment.

What drives me? Hmmm… Coffee!

Beauty is a feeling, it’s the little things. Quality of sleep, natural beauty and happiness within one’s self. Natural is a big part of my life – that’s one of the reasons why I love using the Divine Collections – Certified Organic and naturally plant derived ingredients.

I feel more beautiful now than ever being a mother. Beauty is the raw truth.

Honesty, truthfulness and kindness are all the non-negotiables for me and are the qualities I admire most in other women.

the divine company - cassandra - blog post

Image Credit: Our photographer, Nick Dale.



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