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Isn’t it true that the beautiful feminine needs to be balanced by the true masculine?

Leading up to Fathers Day, our hearts are being led to the Divine Men in our lives …

A peaceful, intentional & a powerful leader (also a great believer in growing your organic lifestyle) … It’s with our pleasure to connect you with Tom Cronin.

In conjunction with our chat we’re blessing one Divine lady with a collection of Divine Man & Divine by Therese Kerr PLUS an online meditation experience with Tom ~ (total value more than $500).  Click over to Instagram to be involved.

… Tell us about Tom Cronin & what you’re up to with The Stillness Project

The Stillness Project was inspired by my intentional vision. To motivate or inspire people to meditate.   Daily.

The Stillness Project is a movement. It’s not about Tom Cronin. It’s about people. Creating a community of people that are going to sit in stillness daily & the collective shift that will come about from that. De~exciting the hyperstimulation that is coming at us from our world today.

I emphasise daily because some people say ‘I meditate … Once a month.’ With the level of stress in our lives, the level of demand that we’re going through, once a month is just not enough to offset the stimulative overload that we experience in our lives today.

We want to use every medium we have to do that. We use our events, linked in, face book, you tube, twitter, video blogs, movies … what ever we can to get the inspiration out to the world.

… When did you first connect with Therese? 

I recall meeting her for the first time. She had such a radiant & positive energy. It was incredibly charming being in her company. We continued to be in touch & she came to my Bali retreat.

We’re in contact a lot, discussing what we’re doing, collaborating, sharing ideas, where we’re at with things, our challenges. She’s a great person to walk this path with.  We’re very aligned with our missions. I think there is a lot of compatibility with what we’re doing.

I’m very aware of Therese & her passion. And her credibility in that space. I’m really on board with where she is at and what she is doing.

 … Your thoughts on all things Certified Organic … why is it important to you?

It’s particularly important for me because I have children.

Being aware of the amount of toxins, not only in the food that we eat but our soap, the bed linen that we lie in, the shampoo that we put on our scalp, deodorants that we spray under our arms.

I try to include as much organic product in my life as possible. It’s difficult of course, with so much non organic in our world. I’m aware of just walking down the street alone, as to what is being absorbed into my body!

I’m always looking out for good quality organic ranges. It’s important to have it in the house.

… Tom’s DIVINE 3 in ‘HOW to grow your Certified Organic lifestyle’ …?

Grow your own veges. We have a green vege patch including spinich, parsley, basil. Anything that we can use as a base for our smoothies & top up for salads.

Buy from your local growers markets. We love spray free choices and Certified Organic when possible.

Choose Certified Organic in your personal care products. Deodorants, toothpastes, shampoos, etc.

…  Have you experienced any challenges in growing your Certified Organic lifestyle?

 It’s been a 10 year journey for me so far. Food when I’m on the road is my challenge.

I can control my food source at home but when I’m not, sometimes you’ve just got to take what you can get.

That’s my challenge. When I’m travelling, having to make compromises because of not being able to find, good organic food.

 … Specifically, how are you growing your Certified Organic lifestyle at the moment?

I realise my body has the capacity to perform alchemy.

I don’t get energetically stressed about connecting with a non organic product, because that can be a toxin in itself.

I focus on the energy that I’m vibrating at, while I’m eating that food. That it is equivalent to love, or above. That the food then becomes aligned with my vibration, rather than my vibration coming aligned with the food.

It’s about being very conscious & aware. Understanding ‘this’ is my frequency. 528 hts or above. The food will then align with what I am.

… How can we help you grow your work in the world … What can people buy? Where can people connect?

We’re about to release a feature film in major cinemas called Super Human. Exploring untapped human potential. With each & every one of us is a more evolved version of our current selves. There are different tools and modalities that we can use to help unlock that more elvolved version. We’ve been really holding on to an old model for quite some time now. We have so much more available to us. If you wanted to label it, you could call it, Super Human.

If you’re in Sydney we hold a free event for our community in the city.

We run group workshops once or twice a month.

We teach people to meditate online. It’s a digital program where people can learn to do it themselves.

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