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Antibacterial Soaps Out – Certified Organic In!

More and more people are questioning what is going into the products they use, and with the recent FDA announcement on the ban of antibacterial soaps we could not be happier to see such positive social change!

The FDA announcement stated “over-the-counter consumer antiseptic hand products and antibacterial body washes can no longer be marketed, citing potential health risks and bacterial infection. All products containing one or more of 19 specific active ingredients, including triclosan and triclocarban, must be removed or reformulated within one year.”

This has been on the cards for a while, the FDA gave antibacterial manufacturing companies a chance to prove that the use of these chemicals in products is more beneficial, this was not proven and the ban has been enforced.

We know that antibacterial soaps contain certain chemicals that are not found in normal soaps. These ingredients are added with the intent of preventing (or reducing) bacterial infection. Triclosan is the most common additive but the excessive use of this chemical has been a huge concern to regulatory groups. Animal studies have shown that it altered the way some hormones work in the body and we are yet to understand the impact on the human body.

The FDA announcement is a great step in the right direction, but what do you need to look out for when purchasing safe products for you and your family?

Two things are key:

  1. Always check the label – Certified Organic is ideal, that way you know there are no added chemicals
  2. Rinse with water when you aren’t sure – Most public toilets will use mass produced soaps with chemical additives, it is better to rinse your hands throughly with water alone than place unknown chemicals on your skin.

There are great alternatives on the market, we have created Certified Organic Sanitising Hand Gel, Body Wash and Hand Wash, they are chemical free and made from 100% natural and plant based ingredients. We only make products with natural and certified organic ingredients because we believe in utilising nature to it’s full potential.

The FDA’s decision to ban the sale of antibacterial soaps is a great move forward to ensure people are using safeguarded products, we can only hope that there are many more decisions like this in the future!



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