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We had the opportunity to sit down and chat to the amazing Kate Dalton, the Founder of Mayde Tea. Kate has incorporated her knowledge as a qualified Naturopath, and most of all her passion into her artesian herbal tea products. We couldn’t wait to have a chat to her about everything Tea and Organic!

We absolutely love your tea collection, you have kindly gifted Sweet Treat to some of our lucky customers.
Why is this tea in particular perfect to help nourish the skin?

The sweet treat blend helps to nourish the skin in quite a few ways! One of the most effective ways is by it’s beneficial affect on the digestive system, which in turn enhances skin health. I believe that all healing starts in the gut, and especially the healing of skin issues!

Your skin is an excretory organ. This means that, just like your liver and kidneys, it gets rid of toxins. The skin is sometimes referred to as the ‘third kidney.’ If your digestive system isn’t functioning optimally, and the toxins aren’t being metabolised by the liver efficiently and excreted via the bowels, the toxins can then escape through the skin- which can cause dullness, breakouts and even eczema. If we nourish our digestive system with some therapeutic teas such as Sweet Treat, this helps us to digest our food, absorb our nutrients and then detoxify through using the liver and kidneys efficiently to avoid the toxins being built up in the skin. The Sweet Treat blend contains liquorice and marshmallow root which are healing to the digestive system, which will help to improve your ability to absorb nutrients. Ginger helps to warm and stimulate the digestive processes, and rose is high in antioxidants which are important for skin cell health. Licorice also supports the adrenal glands, which, when are under stress, are responsible for telling your body you need sweets at 4pm! We all know that sugar isn’t our skins friend so working on ways to reduce the cravings will be the best way to avoid sugar intake.

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Do you have any secrets to making the perfect brew?

Yes! One is to cover the tea while it’s brewing, so for example in a teapot. This is because some of the medicinal components in tea can evaporate out once boiling water has been added! Also, to never make a green tea at a temperature higher than 80 degrees. Green tea isn’t supposed to taste bitter (it tastes delicious!) so best to brew it gently at no higher than 80 degrees. And finally, avoid teabags- they contain glues, staples and bleaches which are chemicals we don’t need to ingest with our therapeutic herbal teas.

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What is your secret to having such great skin?

Being careful with what I put on it as well as inside my body. I don’t have an elaborate skin routine. I keep it simple and use really gentle products. I use the Divine Company Lactic Gel cleanser at night time and a pure rosehip oil. As I said though, good skin also comes from the inside. So I am very careful with what I put into my body- I eat a whole food diet and treat myself when I feel like it! Moderation is key. I look after my digestive health mostly, because if my skin doesn’t look happy thats usually an indication that there’s something not right in my digestion.

Mayde Tea with Kate Dalton
Photo from @maydetea

We absolutely love your vision and everything you stand for, what was your drive to spread the word of organic? 

Our body wasn’t designed to know what to do with pesticides and herbicides, and although people have evolved to spray these things excessively on crops, our insides haven’t exactly evolved to cope with it! It just makes too much sense not to send the importance of this. These chemicals can cause all sorts of havoc on our bodies such as disrupt the digestive process and cause hormone imbalance (as well as so much more!). I know it’s not realistic to say you could live a 100% organic life, but being aware and making the choice to live organically where possible is going to have a massive benefit on your health.

To check out the full range of Organic Tea Mayde Tea has on offer please head over to their website by clicking here.

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