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repair and renew


Having a good skincare routine is essential to get that glow that everyone wants! It is easy to get stuck in a rut with your routine and you suddenly you find your skin isn’t looking as lush as usual, this usually means it’s time for a little shake up of your normal routine!

A great way to get that glow back and renew your skin is to elevate your everyday routine with some extra steps. Depending on whether you need extra hydration, to get rid of dead skin cells or a little  extra nourishment, an extra step can be added to your routine daily or weekly that will make a huge difference to your skin! Adding a Serum or mask can be exactly what your skin needs to feel renewed without overhauling your entire routine. In fact adding these to your routine could take your skin from dull to luminous in no time! Look for ingredients like omega 3 fatty acids and potent vitamins and minerals that your skin might need. Repair any skin damage from the harsh Summer sun by introducing these extra steps. With the weather starting to cool down,it is the perfect excuse to take time out, run a bath, apply a beautiful mask and relax!

Our Divine Woman Perfecting Series has everything to repair, renew and elevate your daily skincare routine, including our Perfecting Mask, Daily Radiance Exfoliating Cream and Miracle Oil Serum.

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