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Mother’s Day is a day where we stop and celebrate our mums for everything they have done for us! We say thank-you for giving us your time and love, and for making us who we are today.

We asked what people love most about their mum, the answers are beautiful, hilarious and just too precious!

Mother's Day - Fun with mum

“My mum is kind and loyal” Depmsey, 9 years old

“I love you mum because you give me yoghurt” Isla, 3 years old

“What I loved about my mum was that she loved to dance (she owned a ballet school from 16 to 28), her passion for travel and warm hugs. Her courage and bravery through her fight with cancer. xx” Lorretta, 45 years old

“She is helpful and creative” Casey, 9 years old

“I can’t tell you until Mother’s Day” Connor, 6 years old

“I love my mum because she’s my mum” Zac, 11 years old

“There’s lots of things, I can’t think of one thing to say. I love my mum because she is so supportive and so caring. She gives the most amazing unconditional love.” Jenna, 32 years old

“My mum is my role model, I love her because she loves me.” Renee, 23 years old

From everyone here at The Divine Company we wish all of the mum’s out there a very special Mother’s Day, we hope you enjoyed these answers as much as we do!

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