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The Capoeira loop that beats powerfully on the Rawfit website is a testimony to who Ricardo Riskalla is.

Strong, Brazilian, energetic &  booming living energy, this #DivineMan is one you want to walk with (although he’ll probably make you run).

We love his belief that health & fitness is not just about the external.  Although he trains the bodies of IMG models he believes, like beauty, health & fitness is a deeper experience, that when focused on, has external benefits.

Ricardo is a powerful believer in growing your Certified Organic lifestyle & he (like any good #DivineMan) doesn’t mince words.

Enjoy his #aDivineLife chat.

Tell us about Ricardo Riskalla & what you’re up to with Rawfit …

I have been in the health and fitness industry for a good 20 years. I see my clients in a very holistic way, I analyse their diets, their behaviours, their motivations and then I create a plan to make their lives even better.

I am a Master Personal Trainer, I am also studying Medical Nutrition. I think and believe that Nutrition is everything. It amazes me that many Doctors don’t know a lot about it.  My father is a doctor!

I work a lot with models and actors, I prepare them for special roles or jobs. I also train CEOs, and a whole bunch of very interesting people. I am always learning during my sessions.

I decided to create RAWFIT to educate people. RAWFIT is not only fitness and diets, it is about healthy living in all aspects, including spiritual. My latest project is RAWFIT TV where I showcase people that I find interesting and that can teach others something. RAWFIT TV is live on my website www.rawfit.com.au

Since I am just one person and I receive requests from people all over the planet, I decided to create 2 books and one exercise application where people can do my program when I am not in front of them.

Your thoughts on growing a Certified Organic lifestyle … why is it important to you?

Certified Organic is everything. I can say that I have been investing in Certified Organic for a long time. I have been vegetarian all my life and vegan for 30 years. I watch the quality of everything that goes into my mouth. Even my shower has a filter.  Eating and using certified organic products on my skin is paramount too. Whatever you put on your body or skin will sink in. It will be part of my body and I am no lab rat. If I can’t understand what is on a label I don’t use it.  I only use certified organic cosmetics.  

I can say that 30 years ago I used to pay around 5 dollars for a couple of certified organic bananas….yes it was crazy but I thought that the more people do that, the more affordable it will get, and it is happening right now…. I always say that I will have my mission accomplished when I go to McDonalds and order a certified organic salad with a green juice. This day is getting closer!

Have you experienced any challenges in growing your Certified Organic lifestyle?

Never. I have learnt to say no when people serve food that is not up to my standards. My grandmother was a wise lady and she used to say to me to never EVER drop my standards. When the standards are low beside me there are two options , either people raise them or I leave.

When did you first connect with Therese?  Tell us how you’d describe her …

I have known Therese for a few years now. We connected straight away.  We think the same, eat the same.  I was training Therese until she left Sydney. We had lots of fun training together, sharing ideas and creating the most outrageous projects.  Therese and I are always in contact, promoting healthy living and sharing projects .  I remember that I met Therese on a Friday, the next day I was cooking for her and Johnny. That’s how fast we connected.

I would describe Therese as a entrepreneur , she is not afraid of anything. She follows her heart. She has strong values, boundaries and knows how to teach people. She is on this planet to help others to achieve their best.

How can we help you grow your work in the world …Where can people connect?

Every time I see someone drinking a green juice, using a natural cosmetic, protecting animals I know that what I do is working. We need to all stick together and change this planet before it is too late.

People can get my book The Rawfit Diet, where I explain my diet and program principles on my website www.rawfit.com.au

I also have a cookbook called Rawfit Diet Cookbook also available on www.rawfit.com.au

My exercise application is available to any phone or tablet via www.rawfit.com.au

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