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A mumma, a creative, a lifestyle revolutionist, a social media entrepreneur. We’re incredibly excited to share an insight into the mind of Ellie Beck (aka @petalplum).

Experiencing her world you can’t help but be inspired & curious about #slowliving … & how to make those especially beautiful wall weaves … Let us know what you think of our chat over on The Divine Company Facebook & be sure to to click on over to her incredibly earthy & colourful instagram (@petalplum).

Tell us about Ellie & what you’re up to with your family & Petal Plum…

I’m a creative maker living in Northern NSW, in a home we’re building with lots of family help and insight. I’m a mama to three – my (almost) 11yr old son, Ari, 8yr old daughter Mishi, and 9month old baby River.

I work with textiles and natural materials to create woven artworks, stitched pieces, naturally dyed yarns & fabrics and little pieces of whimsy (under the name @petalplum). I teach creative workshops, empowering people to discover their own visual voice and find their own inner creativity, while sharing my experiences of slow and sustainable living.

Your thoughts on all things #slowliving & #sustainableliving … why is this lifestyle important to you Ellie?

My personal experiences, as well as my upbringing, have led me in the direction of slower living. I don’t want to get caught up in the “busy” of life – sadly I think our society encourages us to keep being busy, that being busy equals being successful; I just find it tiring and draining.

Slow Living doesn’t mean not being successful in your chosen field, what it means (to me at least) is to live with a dedication to what we do, to notice our surroundings and our experiences rather rushing through our days. I actively choose the things I want to do, the way I want to live.

For me and my family, we’ve chosen to live with less (less things, less activities, less needing) so we can experience more (more laughing, more time, more moments, more together). I’d much prefer a bike ride or walk with my family, than a day at a theme park or a shopping centre and we’re raising our children to feel and think the same.

This ties naturally into a more sustainable way of living. By not participating in the consumerism of society, we can think clearly about our needs and wants, and make sure they are aligned to our environmentally aware way of living, as well as fit into our daily slow practice. Less really is more – it sounds cliché, but makes sense once you start experiencing it.

Have you experienced any challenges in growing your #slowliving lifestyle?

Having children who see their friends doing and getting all the things they want can challenge our ideals. It’s no use forcing our children to go along with our chosen lifestyle, they’ll just fight it every step of the way, and once they leave home they’ll jump head first into a consumerism. Our aim is to encourage and educate our children, so they can see the benefits and the reasons why we live this way. To help them combat the ‘wants’ that come up with being part of our ‘more-is-better’ society.

We are in no way perfect in our way of living, and don’t say no to every want our children have. But what we do do is question them, and have them question themselves – why do they want what they want, and is it the best option. If they want something, could they choose something different to fulfill that want yet still fit within our ideals?  It’s an ever-learning, ever-evolving way of living, and I think mostly we’re continuing on a better path, always making better choices.


Ellie’s DIVINE 5 in ‘HOW to grow your SLOW & SUSTAINABLE lifestyle’ …

Learning to say no to a lot of things that bombard us is a great first step in Slow Living.

Re-think what you need and want. Is it a passing whim for all these wants, are they simply filling a gap for something else?

Choose wisely – buying better quality, handcrafted, sustainable things may cost a bit more upfront, but in the long run will save you money.

Choose less – living with less gives you space to appreciate and love what you actually have.

Make time in your day for quiet time – be it 10 minutes really enjoying your cup of tea, or having a connected conversation with a friend. Leave devices aside and participate in the moment, without thinking about what you have to do later. Be in the now.

Where can people connect with you Ellie?

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