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Mary Evans is a woman doing business with heart. Formerly the owner of a successful chain of fast fashion boutiques, she discovered the nasty truths about an industry in which she had cultivated her success. So she flipped the switch and sold her thriving chain of boutiques, only to return more aligned than ever – with Fluro Junkie. 

Appalled at the Apparel

With a healthy curiosity for the production process of the lines she carried, Mary was shocked to learn that no value was given to natural resources or human capital used to make garments typically found in fast fashion lines. Suppliers were using cheap fabrics and cheap labour in factories that were completely unsafe and simply inhumane.

Rather than getting what she paid for, she found that even some luxe brands were using poor quality fabrics and had no regard for the social and environmental impacts of their operations – all to make an extra buck. But in a world where we are one, is there really such thing as cutting corners to benefit a minority? It all catches up on us eventually, and it seems that that time has dawned upon us.

Educated and Empowered

So, take a stand she did! Rather than turning a blind eye to salve her profits, she walked away and sold the business. With all that unethical energy out the window, Fluro Junkie was born.

More than a boutique, Fluro Junkie is a lifestyle store sourcing sustainable and ethical fashion and homewares. Even more, Mary designs and produces her own line, sourcing high quality fabrics made ethically and sustainably. Hours of love an labour are poured into her unique pieces and her eclectic items are a statement of style and human ethics.

A Conscious Approach to Consumption

Learning of Mary’s journey is a chance for us to re-evaluate the approach we have to the way we consume fashion, and our behaviours as consumers in general. While you may find the price tag of sustainable fashion outlandish compared to fast fashion lines, when you consider what you’re supporting with your purchase – it’s really an investment into our future of an ethical world.

With every purchase we cast a vote for the kind of world that we want to live in-2

Mary left me with an example of our attitude towards the price we pay for goods that resonated through my entire being;

Instead of purchasing multiple, cheap, fast fashion items every month [or every week depending on how fashion addicted you are], we could purchase just one clothing item a month that was made locally with love, detail, humanity and ethics. If we styled that piece beautifully and wore it more than a handful of times, imagine the impact that would have on the type of world we lived in.

Just picture it – less toxic chemicals polluting our sacred world, no child labor, less landfill, fruitful and engaged local economies and more meaningful relationships with the people we purchased goods off. On a personal level, We would embrace our creativity and sense of style, self love would be cultivated by caring about what we are putting on our bodies, on our skin and in our homes and we would have more time to enjoy our relationships with those close to us.

I don’t know about you, but that is the kind of world I crave, that is precisely the world I want to live in! Call it a mystical utopia if you may, but if we were more thoughtful with our consumption – it’s actually a completely feasible possibility.

And this translates to all industries, which is why at The Divine Company we resonated with her message so strongly. Because we are curious about what we are doing to our bodies and the earth, and we care enough to do something about it.

A New Way of Living

These days, Mary is enjoying a slow, cozy tempo involving quality time with her loved ones with an increased presence and awareness to her life. She is an advocate for “slow living” – not implying being out of touch or living a backwards life, but rather a life filled with meaningful interactions and purposeful and educated decisions.


You can find her at Fluro Junkie being an inspirational little bubble of energy. Her boutique is situated at Studio 5, 13 Wharf street Murwillumbah and you can check out her unique pieces and her collection at:






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